Dressed-down in Breton stripes

Dress-down Friday, the familiar foe of many safe suit-lover, but a chance for the more fashion-concious in the office to relax and not worry about the dress code!

With the lovely weather we’ve been having, my only concern has been how to dress coolly enough for the sun but warmly enough for the air-con! The answer, of course, is layers and my old favourite, the cardigan!

Today’s choice is a little French-inspired and a little 60s-beatnik. I’ve gone for a really good quality striped vest top from Dorothy Perkins, with navy chinos and a thin, pale blue cardi from GAP, and a camel-coloured handbag from TU. I also threw on some white leather and raffia wedges from F&F and some bug-eyed sunnies as I skipped out the door singing Frère Jacques!

Bon weekend, mes amis!


Not fancy-dress, just dressing fancy!

Retro and vintage fashion is very popular now, especially (but not exclusively) in cooler, cosmopolitan places like Manchester. So it should be no surprise to anyone to see somebody wearing a circle skirt, monochrome shift or flared jeans. Should it?

I think I err more on the side of ‘retro-inspired’ rather than ‘fancy-dress’, but apparently this concept is lost on some! I wore this outfit last week but was too annoyed to post it that morning after a colleague, who I thought better of, advised me that I looked ‘like something out of Grease’!

Does this kind of comment bother any other vintage-lovers? Do you think he meant it as a compliment or just an ill-thought-out observations? Either way, I hate the presumption that anyone not dressed in current fashions or eternally bland attire must be off to a themed party!

Still, if you do like my Sandra-Dee-style, then the chinos were from GAP, the sleeveless shirt from H&M and the sandals from F&F.

With hindsight though, perhaps the high ponytail was a bit too much…