Not fancy-dress, just dressing fancy!

Retro and vintage fashion is very popular now, especially (but not exclusively) in cooler, cosmopolitan places like Manchester. So it should be no surprise to anyone to see somebody wearing a circle skirt, monochrome shift or flared jeans. Should it?

I think I err more on the side of ‘retro-inspired’ rather than ‘fancy-dress’, but apparently this concept is lost on some! I wore this outfit last week but was too annoyed to post it that morning after a colleague, who I thought better of, advised me that I looked ‘like something out of Grease’!

Does this kind of comment bother any other vintage-lovers? Do you think he meant it as a compliment or just an ill-thought-out observations? Either way, I hate the presumption that anyone not dressed in current fashions or eternally bland attire must be off to a themed party!

Still, if you do like my Sandra-Dee-style, then the chinos were from GAP, the sleeveless shirt from H&M and the sandals from F&F.

With hindsight though, perhaps the high ponytail was a bit too much…

Dressing up

Ever the optimist, the black opaques have now been packed away for the summer, woo hoo! It would still take a lot for me to get my bare legs out at work though, but thanks to M&S ladder-resist tights this is not a prospect that I have to face!

Today’s 1940s-style dress is from Dorothy Perkins. A couple of months ago they had this peplum-waisted number in a whole host of colours and patterns, so expect to see this style on my blog again!

My new peep-toe, block-heeled shoes are from M&S, and the bag is Topshop. As usual I’ve gone for a more contemporary hairdo to balance the look and stop it from looking too fancy-dress (see next post)!


Stand out from the suits

First impressions count, and in the workplace you’ve got to present the right image, but does this have to at the expense of hiding who you really are? Those of us who aren’t lucky enough to work in the creative industries (where almost anything goes), or who aren’t constrained by a uniform, have to tread a fine line in between. But is this line as fine as it seems? I love vintage fashion and find traditional work-wear really¬†boring, so I want to use this blog as a way of sharing ideas for how to present a professional image of the real me!