How on Earth have I found time to do this?!

I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a long time and I certainly haven’t got any more time on my hands, but one afternoon I turned to my partner to witter about my latest outfit choice and found he wasn’t there (he was in the next room, playing on the computer!) So I thought that it was about time I shared my musings with people who may know their cigarette pants from their palazzos (palazzi?) and their Riot Grrrl from their Girl Power…

This is a lifestyle blog, and the big deals in my lifestyle are:

  • my relationship, but I won’t blog about Mr. N. very much
  • fashion – mainly, although not exclusively of the vintage persuasion
  • work, careers and networking
  • by virtue of the above two – work-wear, and how to maintain your personality and professionalism
  • feminism and women’s issues
  • home and garden (specifically anything I care to trouble you with about my new house!
  • anything else loosely connected to the above!

I hope you enjoy reading; please let me know of any interesting blogs that I might like.




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