In the sun-shiiiine!

Could it be, is summer finally here?! After a week away in Arran (with no blog-worthy outfits, trust me!), I’ve brought the sunshine back to Manchester with me. Despite all the usual post-holiday laundry, etc. that needs doing I’ve decided that I’m still on holiday until tomorrow, so it can wait! I’m now relaxing over lunch, preparing to hit the shops.

It’s the Manchester Day Parade today, and the theme is ‘Wish You Were Here’. Today’s outfit is inspired by a 50s seaside look, with denim hotpants from Dotty P’s, tie-front top and pumps from F&F (that’s Tesco to me and you!), and sunnies from George at Asda. The modern additions of the hoody (Topshop) and beach-messy hair are practicalities more than anything. The hoody is lovely and fleecy and the inside, ideal for Manchester breezes, which only serve to enhance my ‘windswept’ hair-do!

Happy Manchester Day everyone! xx



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